Tyler and Jessica | Open Field Engagement Session

Spring Engagement Session in Open Field at Sunset

Photographed by KKP Associate Photographer, Hillary; Edited by Kelsi

Tyler and Jessica met with my associate wedding and engagement photographer Hillary for their adorable open field engagement session. With the incredibly wet spring that we have experienced this year, these two were instead greeted with a brilliant golden hour and hazy, glowy fescue grass that our cameras love so much! An evening as perfect as that paired with Tyler and Jessica’s sweet smiles and totally in-love chemistry created this dynamite engagement session.

The Proposal

“Tyler proposed to me in the evening on Friday, October 26, 2018. Leading up to the big night he was trying his hardest to get me to come home from school and go hunting with him. He finally convinced me to come, so I packed my bag for the night with clothes to go hunting. When I arrived at my parents house I was waiting for him to get off work and decided to work out before he got to the house. I was all sweaty and in my workout clothes when he arrived and I was trying to get him to tell me what we were going to do that evening. He kept saying he didn't know and wouldn't decide on anything. Finally, we decided to go eat dinner in town with my parents. While we were driving to dinner he kept making little comments to were very unusual and unlike him. Not to mention it was very odd that my parents did not ride to town with us and my dad asked us to pick up my sister along the way. My dad also asked us to go get something out of the combine for him at 8:30 at night, before dinner. By this point I was getting very hungry and the place I wanted to eat was already closed. When we got to the field with the combine I figured my sister would hop out and run and grab what my dad was needing, but Tyler said that my dad wanted us to check the sickles on the head of the combine because it was a rocky field. So I quickly jumped out of the truck, turned the light on my cell phone, and started to check the head of the combine. As I'm doing this, Tyler mentions that I should just wait until my sister turns on the combine lights. I replied with, “No, I'm going to get this done!” As the combine lights came on and I'm near the end of the combine head, Tyler said my name and I turned around to find him on one knee. He nervously said my name and asked me to marry him and I excitedly said, “Yes, of course!!!” We did finally make it back to town to eat where my parents were waiting to hear all about it.” —Jessica

Congratulations, Tyler and Jessica!!