Victoria and Quintin Hull | Stephens College Wedding

All White Upscale Spring Wedding in Downtown Columbia, Missouri

She quietly walked up the chapel steps and through the double doors to find her fiance and soon-to-be husband waiting for her in front of a wall of stained glass. He was nervous, swaying a little, shifting his weight from one foot to another. She looked at him quietly and intently with tissues and a card in hand as I fluffed out her dress and cathedral veil. She took a visible deep breath, then walked towards him and lifted a hand to brush his shoulder. “Quintin?” she said through a smile, and he turned around to find his gorgeous Bride clad in pure white beaming at him. Neither one of them said a word, but they smiled and laughed, and then they both began to cry, overwhelmed with all of the beautiful emotions of this day. Victoria handed Quintin a small gift, and neither one of them chose to speak, just be.

The kind of love that can be seen and felt without a single word spoken. That's the kind of love that Victoria and Quintin possess. And though this type of love is rare, like most rare things, it's insanely and wildly beautiful.

Victoria and Quintin shared their vows on Saturday, May 11th in downtown Columbia, Missouri. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family who were all pleased to celebrate the couple who has spent more than seven years together. You could absolutely tell that these newlyweds were made for one another, for even though the day passed them by and they were surrounded by hundreds of guests, every time Victoria and Quintin looked at one another it seemed as if time was standing still. This is the type of relationship that gives you chills when you stumble upon it.


  • Victoria carried an heirloom handkerchief around her bouquet on her wedding day; a special “something borrowed” from her grandmother.

  • Quintin and Victoria celebrated the evening with their friends and family by way of a DJ and turntable. Not a single slow song was played, and no one left the dance floor!

  • These sweet newlyweds exchanged their vows in Victoria’s alma mater.

  • At 9:00 pm, guests were delighted with cannolis, the perfect sweet treat to fuel up for more dancing and celebrating.

Congratulations Victoria and Quintin Hull! It was an absolute pleasure for Rachel and I to photograph every beautiful moment of the first day of the rest of your lives!

Bless your marriage!

Photographer: Kelsi Kliethermes Photography | Film Lab: PhotoVision | Venue: Stephens College - Firestone Chapel and Kimball Ballroom | Planning and Coordination: Gara Loskill | Florist: Addie Jane Originals | Bridal Boutique: Breeze Bridal | Earrings: RusticGem | Bridal Shoes: DSW | Tux: Bingham’s Clothing | Bridal Gown Designer: Allure | Jeweler: Buchroeders | HAMU: Once Upon A Bride | DJ: Deondre Ross - iSecret Records | Catering and Bar: Stephens College Events Catering | Cake and Sweets: Joan Fairfax - Chez Monet