Chris and Lindsey Rosado

Soft, warm breezes blew as they stood together hand in hand on the beach. Boats glided by on the glistening lake as the sun was setting golden and low. Melodies from a harp filled the air and surrounded their friends and family who had traveled from New York and various cities in Missouri to witness their nuptials. Chris could not take his eyes off of his Bride, and Lindsey would smile each time that their eyes met. When they exchanged their vows, Chris held Lindsey's hand tight and recited his vows with all of his heart, and Lindsey turned to Chris and did the same. They were entering into a covenant with one another for the rest of their lives, and sealed with a kiss Lindsey changed her last name.

Chris and Lindsey tied the knot at the Lodge of Four Seasons at the Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday, August 4th, 2018. Lindsey was the epitome of elegance as she walked down the sandy, petal-lined aisle in her gown from White Dresses in Nashville, TN. Chris wore his Army uniform proudly, switching into a stone colored tux for dinner. The pair shared their first dance as husband and wife as the sun set golden and low on the terrace. Chris recorded his own version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story," and he sang as they danced and Lindsey smiled and laughed...a perfect fairy-tale. They danced the night away with their family and friends who gave them a spectacular sparkler sendoff to end the evening.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rosado! Bless your marriage.

Kelsi KliethermesComment