Miles and Daniela | Engagement

"We met through work and I actually made the first move." Daniela replied when I asked the two how they met. They both worked for the USDA, but in different locations. Miles happened to visit the location where Daniela worked and they both noticed one another right away. "I was pretty nervous," Miles said, " she ended up approaching me first."

Fast forward to their proposal story. Miles was living in Colorado and Daniela was living in Oregon. Miles hopped on a plane for a visit with Daniela, but this time he had a ring in his pocket. He asked her to go fishing, and Daniela remembered, "We were huddled on the dock with our lines in the water and Miles asked me to go to the car and grab a special type of bait that he had bought. So I opened up the bag in the car to look for the bait and found a bottle with a handwritten label that said "Bait." It was kind of heavy to I was a little skeptical. But when I opened it up, there was a ring. It was sitting on top of a pile of bullets (Miles later admitted that the bullets were to help disguise that there was only a ring in the bottle). I turned around and Miles was standing there and asked me to marry him."

Miles and Daniela will be tying the knot with an intimate ceremony and reception at Dodson Orchards this October. I loved getting to know this adorable little family. Their son, Mason, was an absolutely joy; smiling with his mom and dad and eager to laugh at my silly faces (and I think he might love to be in front of the camera!). Miles and Daniela were equally as photogenic, and just so happy to laugh with one another and enjoy their time at Faust Park, the place that they always took walks while Daniela was pregnant with Mason.

Enjoy your preview, Daniela and Miles! I cannot wait to have you both in front of my camera again soon!