Ian and Lauren Ogden

July 28th, 2018. Exactly one year and six days from the moment that Ian got down on one knee in the mountains of Colorado and asked Lauren to marry him. At The Millbottom in Jefferson City surrounded by hundreds of their friends and family, Ian and Lauren promised their forever to one another.

As the entry music began to play and guests stood up, Lauren and her father entered the venue through separate doors. Once they reached one another at the start of the aisle, he stretched out his arm to take her hand, and Lauren leaned in to kiss her father on the cheek. They were both smiling and tearing up during this most memorable walk, and when they reached the stage, her dad took a sigh and wiped his eyes as he gave his little girl away.

Joyous tears streamed down Lauren's face as she vowed to love Ian all the days of her life, and Ian held her hands and smiled the most encouraging and loving smile at her. They both looked as if they believed they were the only two that existed in the room at that time. This moment meant all the world to them; the most important moment of their lives! It was absolutely beautiful to witness and photograph.

Ian and Lauren danced the night away with their guests in the modern industrial venue. Lights suspended above the dance floor and looked more like evening stars, giving off a romantic and cozy glow. Touches of silver glistened throughout the venue from pitchers and buckets that contained dreamy white hydrangeas, ranunculus, and greenery. A cupcake and candy bar wowed their guests throughout the evening, offering nearly every flavor of cupcakes you could imagine, and various kinds of salt water taffy! The day was blessed with perfect weather - a high of 80 degrees, and this gave the perfect opportunity for guests to gather on the back patio to chat and catch up with family and friends as the State Capitol glowed in the background.



  • During the late morning hours, Lauren and I were in her childhood room at her parent's home taking a few portraits of her in her bridal robe next to her wedding dress. The room had a wonderful grey/blue hue and natural light poured in and diffused through the white curtains in the windows. Just before Lauren slipped into her wedding dress, her mother's adorable west highlander pup, Molly, came darting up the stairs. She trotted into the room and laid down right in the middle of the carpet. She was laying perfectly in front of Lauren's dress and directly in front of me. I softly called her name and she lifted her head, just in time for me to click the shutter. It has resulted in my all time favorite candid wedding dress portrait!
  • Just before we left for Lauren and Ian's first look moment, Lauren's father, Jeff, was waiting in the back drive of his house for a grand reveal with his daughter. He was standing next to his very first baby, a 1950's Chevy Oldsmobile, while his daughter and forever baby girl gracefully approached him in her wedding dress and long translucent veil. She was crying before her dad had even seen her, and I have a feeling that the way he was looking down at his shoes in anticipation that he was shedding a few tears also. When she tapped him on the shoulder, Jeff turned around and literally beamed at the sight of his beautiful daughter.
  • I've seen my fair share of cake smashes between the Bride and Groom at weddings, but none as epic as Lauren and Ian's. Lauren told me that she warned Ian leading up to the wedding day that he could not smash cake in her face and ruin her makeup at the cake cutting. However, that warning didn't quite save Ian. It made for a few hilarious portraits, and the crowd was pretty pleased too!
  • One of the most touching moments of the evening happened when Ian shared a dance with his sister in honor of their mother. They slowly swayed and smiled in the middle of the dance floor, and several guests smiled through their tears. It was a wonderfully beautiful tribute.

Congratulations Ian and Lauren! Bless your marriage.