Cody and Caroline Coovert

A day full of prayer, laughter, and tears. A God-filled day where a man and a woman, who have known one another for quite some time, vowed to love one another for the rest of their days.

This is Cody and Caroline.

Together with her mother, Caroline gracefully pulled down her wedding gown from the window. They held it together, admiring it, and her mother looked at her daughter with a tear in her eye. Her sisters aided as Caroline slipped into her dress, and the smiles and laughter were abundant. Her mother placed her veil perfectly in her swept back hair. Caroline asked, "Could we share a prayer?", to which they walked out of the bridal suite and many of her friends and family placed their hands on Caroline and prayed over her, over Cody, and their future together.

She stepped gracefully down the gravel road, beaming as she saw Cody standing just ahead. They had met many years ago, and spent much of their life as friends. But as fate would have it, their friendship turned into something more. They've been through many life changes together: moving from their home in Missouri to follow their careers in Montana. And though they were seven hours apart, their relationship flourished and grew all the more. Now, she was approaching the man that she was about to marry; their moment was finally here. She said his name, and Cody turned to the voice of his Bride. He carried a bouquet of fresh purple flowers, a gift for her, and he couldn't wait to embrace her.

Cody and Caroline tied the knot next to a glistening lake at Little Piney Lodge in Hermann, Missouri on June 30th. Many of their friends and family from Kansas City came to witness their union and congratulate them on the best day of their lives. Following the wedding, an outdoor reception was held at sunset to celebrate the couple. Cody and Caroline had decorated the space with items that they loved and treasured, including driftwood from Flathead Lake, where Cody proposed. Everyone was entertained with the speeches that their bridal party gave, which turned into a fun choreographed dance that Cody and Caroline absolutely loved.

Cody and Caroline, it was an honor to witness your beautiful union and to document it all. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Coovert. Bless your marriage.