Chuck and Julie 25th Anniversary

When Julie approached me about photographing an anniversary session for her and her husband Chuck, I was elated! Julie is a dear friend of mine from a former career and we always have a great time when we are together. We planned the date and location for the session and Julie took the styling from there.

They arrived to the Missouri Governor's Gardens for their sunset session looking absolutely fabulous in silver attire! Julie said that they wanted to wear silver to commemorate this anniversary, since silver is the tradition gift for a couple celebrating 25 years of marriage together. They were truly stunning.

It did not take long for the two to warm up in front of my camera. Pretty soon we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves as the sun was setting beautifully golden over the Capitol. I asked them to tell me about the greatest thing that they had learned during their 25 years together, and Chuck was quick to answer with, "Patience." Julie agreed. Chuck said, "You know when you are having a conversation with someone that you know really well, and you know how they are going to respond to you before they say anything..." "And you finish each other's sentences..." Julie added. "Yeah," Chuck said, "That's what 25 years of marriage is like."

Their official anniversary date is June 26th, and they'll be celebrating the day in Scotland!

I'll let the rest of the portraits speak for themselves. It's safe to say that I am absolutely addicted to anniversary sessions with couples that are this in love!

Cheers to you Chuck and Julie! I hope that my husband and I look as amazing and in love as you both do when we are married 25 years. Enjoy your anniversary trip abroad!