Kaleb and Erin Baurichter

"Consider it all joy..."

Those are the four words that come to my mind as I reminisce about Kaleb and Erin's wedding day. I bet, if you were to ask for an initial thought of the wedding from their many loved ones that attended, they would answer in the same way.

Because a smile barely left Erin's face the entire day. She was surrounded by the sweetest, selfless, and happiest bridesmaids that I have ever met, and a loving mother that would occasionally let a few tears escape when she would glance at her daughter, a beautiful Bride.

Before the ceremony, Erin surprised her father with a first look just for him. He absolutely beamed when he turned around to see Erin in her wedding dress, and Erin laughed as he rushed up to her to kiss her on the cheek. Soon later we heard Erin's bridesmaids cheering through the windows of the church; no doubt excited about the wonderful moment they had just witnessed.

The first time Kaleb saw Erin was the moment that her father escorted her into the sanctuary of the church at Our Lady of Lourds. Beautiful melodies from a piano and flute softly sang in the background. Kaleb smiled as Erin, all calm, graceful, and truly elegant, walked down the aisle. Throughout the ceremony, she would shyly smile at him, laugh a little, look away, and then look up at him again. When the preacher stretched out his hand and blessed the couple in marriage, their family and friends surrounding them also lifted their hands to bless Erin and Kaleb. It was a beautiful and touching moment.

The two enjoyed the evening with celebration and dancing with their guests during the reception at Stoney Creek in Columbia, Missouri. One of the most touching moments of the evening was a tribute dance for Kaleb's late father. As he danced with his step mother, a slideshow of pictures of Kaleb's father played, and I can promise you there was not a dry eye in the room, including mine.

The atmosphere of the venue was incredibly inviting, with candlelit tables, an abundance of hors d'oeuvres, and a special cookie bar. There was so much laughter and love in the room that night, as much of their family had traveled in from Pittsburgh to celebrate the newlyweds. Everyone was excited to be reunited, but elated to congratulate Kaleb and Erin on their perfect wedding day.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Baurichter!

Venue: Stoney Creek Inn; Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses: Belle Mariee Bridal Boutique; HAMU: Salon Nefisa; Florals: HyVee; Dining: bleu Events; Cake: HyVee