Winter Sunset Engagement Session in Columbia, Missouri

Sentimental. Vivacious. Kind Hearted.

If you asked me to describe my first impression of Tanner and Hannah when meeting them during their sunset engagement session at Blue Bell Farm, those three words are front of mind. Hannah's sweet spirit and smile is captivating, and pairs perfectly with Tanner's calm disposition and humorous side. They compliment one another in a truly beautiful way.

Hannah and Tanner met in high school, and began dating during their final week as seniors (making them official "high school sweethearts"). They grew closer together while studying at different colleges, Hannah at Mizzou and Tanner at Missouri State University, and now live on a 40 acre farm with their sweet golden retriever puppy, Hank (who I believe needs to be my official mascot...look how adorable and lovable he is!). I can't imagine their story getting any better than that.

But it does :).

"So how did you propose, Tanner?" I asked while changing locations during their session. "Well, I took her to the spot on the farm that I first kissed her," he said. "It's also the place that you first told me that you loved me," Hannah remembered. Tanner continued, "It was underneath a large tree, and I had it strung with lights. I took her out there and at the right time I flipped the lights on and asked her to marry me." I can just imagine the warm glow cast upon them from the lights in that special tree, and Hannah's excitement when she realized that she was about to say yes to marrying her best friend.

Tanner and Hannah will be tying the knot on October 27th, 2018 at Blue Bell Farm in Fayette, MO. Congratulations, Tanner and Hannah!