Brian and Kelsea | Engagement

You know those types of couples, that when you meet them for the first time together, you know that they were meant for each other? Like there is not another single human being in the entire world that would be a better match for either of them? That's exactly the feeling that I had when I met Brian and Kelsea at Kempker's Back 40 for their winter engagement session. They've been dating for four years, and this past Thanksgiving, Brian asked Kelsea if she would be his wife.

Between all the laughter and super sweet moments during their session, I learned that Kelsea and Brian really love to road trip with one another. No plans, no destination, just driving where ever the road leads them and enjoying that time together, just the two of them. Brian and Kelsea are both really close to their families as well. They will be tying the knot this spring at Brian's family farm in Mid-Missouri, and after all the fun I had at their engagement session, I truly cannot wait for the fun that is waiting on their wedding day!