KKP Associate Photographers

Are you in love with the portraits, style, and branding that come along with Kelsi Kliethermes Photography, but paying $5,000+ for your wedding photography is out of your budget? You might find that working with one of our associate photographers is right for you.

By booking an associate package, you are hiring a professional whose photography style is extremely similar to mine, while all of your contractual agreements, editing, and product fulfillment services are completed with me. Booking with an associate allows you to still benefit from the KKP bridal experience and brand at a much smaller investment!

I can ensure that you will be in wonderful hands when hiring an associate photographer with Kelsi Kliethermes Photography. My team has been very carefully and thoughtfully chosen. After working alongside and being mentored by me, my team is specialized in documenting the special moments of your wedding day with a lot of passion and heart.

My team is sweet, kind, gracious, and hardworking, and I can promise that you are going to fall in love with them! Scroll on to learn more about our team, view their portfolio, and check their availability for your wedding!


Meet Rachel

KKP Associate Photographer

Rachel and I first met in 2016 when she hired me to photograph her wedding! 

I remember after our initial meeting how fun and kind she was. Her smile truly lit up the room.

At the time, I was looking for a photographer that could second shoot weddings with me on a regular basis, and I knew that Rachel would be a perfect fit! Fast forward to today, and Rachel has photographed numerous weddings alongside me. I thank God every day for Rachel, her gentle spirit, and her sweet soul!

Rachel is newly married to her sweetheart and best friend! Her loves are natural light photography, Sunday brunch with her hubby Joe (with Eggs Benedict, please!), books and reading (especially the Harry Potter series), and Game of Thrones (L+R=J). She's a mama to five fur babies and 16 chickens (and I love naming them all when I come to visit!). Her dream is to one day publish one of her many novel works. I can guarantee you are going to love Rachel as much as I do!

View Samples of Rachel’s Work:



Meet Hillary

KKP Associate Photographer

I met Hillary and her fiance Grant in 2017 when they asked me to photograph their intimate sunset wedding.

I’ll never forget this sweet couple’s story, as Grant popped the question and they were married just 12 days later! I hit it off with the pair very quickly; they are the kindest and truly most joyous people I have ever met.

My husband and I photographed Hillary and Grant’s wedding as a team, and in turn I am so excited to have this husband and wife duo on board for the KKP associate team! When purchasing an associate package with Hillary, you are also gaining an experienced second photographer in her husband Grant! How neat is that?

Hillary really enjoys traveling and adventuring around the world with Grant every chance they get. In fact, her dream would be enjoy coffee from each country that they visit all over the world! She’s been to Kenya twice and loads up a suitcase full of coffee before she returns home.

Something that I immensely admire about the pair is that they both have a heart for serving others. I’ve grown to learn that this is so incredibly necessary in a wedding photographer. Hillary and Grant are both paramedics and volunteer fire fighters! You can’t go wrong with choosing an associate package with this sweet couple!

View Samples of Hillary’s Work:

Is a KKP Associate Photographer the perfect fit for your wedding?